Traditional Thai massage

This therapy in all around the world is well-known as a gorgeous pearl of Thailand culture. Technique of traditional Thai massage is unique. Based on the doctrines of internal power lines which are passing through the whole body, it is aimed at harmonization and well-being. 
Thai master combines fine massage methods during the procedure:
Reflex therapy - the influence of various strength on energy lines and points;
Pressure – the pressing by fingers, palms and feet;
Work with muscles: stretching and twisting;
A special influence on ligaments and tendons;
Unique elements of stretching and passive yoga, which help the body to relax in different positions. 

Effects of traditional Thai massage are numerous:
- Healing, prevention and elimination of different kinds of disorders of the body; 
- Rejuvenation: enrichment of blood with oxygen, exchange and purifying processes acceleration;
- Deep relaxation, restoration of energetic balance and nervous system.
Improvement muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons in power, mobility and flexibility;
- A precious impact on all inner organs, blood and lymphatic vessels. 

The whole body is involved in this procedure. When taking this therapy the guest is dressed in cozy cotton clothes. No cosmetics are used during the massage.

Time 60 min Price 3 200 rub. Book
Time 90 min Price 4 800 rub. Book
Time 120 min Price 6 300 rub. Book