Stone-therapy and aromatherapy of chakras

Stonetherapy perfectly provides the most relaxing effect of massage together with heat.

After working out each part of the body with warm oil, the effect continues with warm and smooth stones, after which they are placed on certain energy points on the human body and they continue to have a relaxing effect.

There are 54 stones used in every treatment,  each is used for a specific zone, including for influencing the chakras. Along with pleasant warmth, hot stones give their energy to the human body, restoring the vital forces.

The procedure performed by an experienced specialist guarantees maximum effect. Even after one session, you will feel an extraordinary feeling of lightness, relaxation throughout the body. Several sessions of stone massage will get rid of chronic insomnia, a state of stress and anxiety, remove muscle hyper tone and make the skin more well-groomed and elastic.

This massage is the perfect choice in the fall and winter when the body lacks comfortable warmth.

Time 90 min Price 5 100 rub. Book
Time 120 min Price 6 800 rub. Book