Lomi Lomi

The Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi technic was born in the Polynesian islands and this is one of the oldest types of massage. Literally, its name translates as "soft touch." It is intertwined closely  with the energy of a person, his spiritual component, therefore it is considered that an exceptionally well-trained specialist can perform it qualitatively, adhering to all traditions.

Technique of massage involves the contact with the forearm. The circular rhythmic movements of the master look like a dance, the strength of the impact varies depending on your preferences.

Lomi-Lomi allows you to get rid of the flow of old emotions. At the same time, a person’s creative abilities increase, thoughts become clear and become positive. This type of massage gives gently drainage for the body, plunges into a state of deep relaxation and improves skin elasticity.

Time 60 min Price 4 100 rub. Book