Aromatherapy 4 Hands Synergy

Aromatherapy performed by 2 Masters of massage will fill you with double pleasure and double force of influence.
In the history of Kingdom of Thailand and traditional Thai SPA, only very rich noblemen and royal persons were privileged to have their personal masters of massage and possibility to take the procedure from two pairs of skilful hands at once. Today every person who wants to try the best of Royal Thai SPA, has great opportunity to experience this kind of massage. 
The synchronous, harmonious movements of identical force coming from four hands will deliver unforgettable impression to your body. Connection of power streams from two persons possesses powerful anti-stress influence, and gives incomparable effect of full immersing in light weightlessness of nirvana.

Time 60 min Price 6 800 rub. Book
Time 90 min Price 10 100 rub. Book