Coconut Shake

Natural coconat oil is one of the best cosmetic product in the world. Natural components perfectly works for any skin type of face, useful for hair and body, and is appreciated by men and women.

There are 2 kinds of this product: unrefind composition with nice and well-known smell, and purified which may use for food, and that one is 100% hyppoallergic and is sutable even for delicate skin and for children.

Any type of cocjnat oil melts from it's norml harden structure when contact with a skin. It gives ultraeffective nutricion, enrichment and hepls to prevent irritations and dryiness.

This 2-hours package is fully based on this unique Thai product,and gives perfect care and rest for face and body.

Package includes: Coconat scrub for body 30 min, Aromatherapy (massage for whole body)with aromatic coco-oil60 min, rejuvenating facial massage with 100% pure coco oil 30 min.

Time 120 min Price 8 700 rub. Book