7 wishes of Ben Ja Guy

For creation and directing affairs , power and clear mind are needed. All Kings of Thai understood that and spent at least 1 day a week in their royal spa for relaxing treatments and pure bliss. 7 pleasant and different treatments for whole body will clear your mind from doubts and anxiety, allow to feel your body anew, relieve stress, tiredness and tension.
Combination includes:

- Thai herbal steam sauna

- Scrab-massage of the whole body and contrast douche 30 min

- Combination of 3 different kinds of massage: Thai traditional massage, grassy smell hot herbal balls' compresses, aromatherapy (massage with oil) 1,5 h

- Foot reflex massage 30 min

- Energyzing facial and head massage for men - Manao from Ytsara 1 h

Time 240 min Price 14 000 rub. Book