Body wrap "Micronized Algaes"

Mask made from micronized algae mix with a cream texture is ideal spa-treatment for lovers of a combination of comfort and efficiency.

Under the influence of this mask  body fat is decreasing visible just after several sessions. This result t is achieved thanks to a high content of iodine, which dissolves the shells of fat capsules, and under the influence of heat (wrapping in a thermal blanket) they are removed from the body.

Mix of 3 types of algae (kelp, fucus, lithotamnia) - removes excess fluid, saturate the skin and all internal organs with minerals, trace elements, amino acids. For people with reduced thyroid function, this procedure perfectly compensates for iodine deficiency.

Perfectly goes with Algae' scrub-massage and /or steam sauna.

Time 30 min Price 2 700 rub. Book
* Is carried only as an addition to any type of massage or SPA.