SPA - visit is a gift with care that will be definitely liked and will not go unnoticed! It fills time with pleasure, giving 3 priceless things: health, relaxation and beauty.

The certificate can be issued in a convenient way for you:
• Specific SPA visit: procedure or set of procedures. We will be happy to help you with the choice - individually, taking into account the age and gender of the recipient.
• Certificate for the amount of money - gives the recipient the opportunity to choose the procedure. Deposit - any at your discretion.

Validity of certificates is 12 months. The Recipient uses the Certificate, signing up for a convenient day and time.

Certificate can be obtained in 3 ways

1. To come to our SPA. In this way you will get a beautiful, fully decorated present, in a stylish package with a handmade wax seal.

2. To order a delivery of the Certificate. The time and delivery options for a specific day and address can be clarified by calling 928 44 50.

3. Electronic certificate. A great option if you do not plan to give a gift personally , or if you need a Certificate urgently! We issue it - within 15 minutes after receiving the payment (remotely, by credit card)

Details, ordering Certificates - by phone 928-44-50 or by mail

* The morning discount of 15% does not apply to certificates