Thai Slim with Black Pepper

This treatment is for eliminating or preventing excessive fat deposits and cellulite.
The technique assumes very intensive, "aimed", influence on a subcutaneous fat layer with the use of special oil Black pepper and warming slim-cream.

Massage is performed for the whole body in order to achieve the effect of complex lymph drainage. Forced influence on the upper part of hands, waist, back, belly, hips, and legs is performed. 
The effect from slim session will continue some more hours after procedure. Penetrating warming action inside of deep layers around zones of intensive influence will leave sensations of of tissues,slight prickling and tingling of skin.

The course of procedures results in purification of the whole organism and efficient lymph drainage. The skin becomes tightened and elastic. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: for visible proof result it is necessary to take course of slim- massage consisting of 8-12 procedures, with an interval of 2-3 days, combining procedures with a rational diet. In this case the visible and long-lasting effect is guaranteed.

Time 60 min Price 4 800 rub. Book
Time 90 min Price 7 300 rub. Book