Algae Slimming

This extremely effective tratment is based on natural algae - laminaria.

After minerals and salt peeling of the whole body, the zones requiring corrections will be wrapped up with huge leaves of this pure algae. For this treatment we use sea plant which is dried up in special way that helps to preserve all useful substances.

Essential substances after application of wet algae on a skin are immediately absorbed. The surprising efficiency of this method is resulted from the algae structure enriched with iodine.

The hot coverage allows get it down under the skin and "dissolves" molecules of fat. After wrapping procedure a warming slim-massage with algae' oil will continue aimed reduction of problem zones and will render tightening effect on a skin.

Package includes: scrub 30 min, laminaria wrap 30 min, slim massage 1 hour

Time 135 min Price 7 900 rub. Book
Time 150 min Price 8 700 rub. Book
*Thai Herbal Steam will provide with even stronger effect.