"Tanaka" Face Contouring

This original, strong technik has 2 basis:
An 1st step ancient Japaneese way of massage for face and neck influenses for superficial and deep muscles, giving them warmth, stretching and improving its tonus.
At the same time stimulation of bio-active points starts process of limfodrainage.
2nd step provides reflex action for the face' muscles with the help of smooth china plate massage. This gives strong restoring impulse and accelerates microcirculation and metabolism in tissues.
During the treatment special coconut oil is used, this product is of high degree of clearing and contains irreplaceable nutritious and recycling properties for a skin.

Result: face form correction, strengthening of the blood circulation, the increase of a tone of a skin, reduction of the depth of wrinkles and hypostases, a lymphatic drainage and regeneration of fabrics.

Recommendations: as an express procedure for instant lifting-effect and removal of signs of weariness; a course (8-10 procedures) for achievement of long stay result.

Time 45 min Price 3 200 rub. Book